Free inventory of
in your network.

Simple and secure.

Vtul network Scanner



Discover inventory of your computers without installing agents on them

Export your data

Export the inventory  of the computers found in the network to a CSV.

Hardware Inventory

Get detailed information of each component  in your computers including the status and version of Intel vPro AMT.

Vtul deployment

After discover the machines in your network Vtul Network Scanner  allows you to deploy the Vtul agent to start managing them professionally from the cloud.

100% Free

Vtul Network Scanner is totally free.
You don't need to have the Vtul subscription.

Standard ports

Don't expose your IT security opening portNetwork Scanner works with the default ports of Windows and Linux.


Discovers computers using ranges of IP addresses or Organizational Units (OUs) on Active Directory.

Device geolocation

Know the geographical location of the the computers connected to your network to understand the distribution of devices in your branch offices.

Enable and disable Intel vPro AMT

With a single click you can  you can configure and unconfigure the Intel vPro AMT technology.

Maximum security

The scanned inventory will be encrypted with a password defined by you. The inventory will never leave your computer.

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